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GRP Marine strives to provide a professional and friendly service, by offering a wide range of luxury yacht services, tailored to the individual client needs.

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Press Release. GRP Marine now imports stocks and  supplies some leading chain chandlery stores with the Wessex Chemical Factors Professional Teak Cleaner and Renovator. It is designed primarily by a Specialised Company for this particular use, no cheap home made products or other so called teak cleaning products can achieve such results and ease of use.

There is nothing quite like it on the Australian market, it is widely used in the UK market. It has been tested  against the other 5 main products and they could not achieve a greater result. There will soon be  a You Tube video to demonstrate this, on the site as well as listed on GRP Marine under Teak Renovation.

Some Superyachst owners with yachts ranging from 50ft up to 96ft have used it and are satisfied and amazed that such a great product exists, and is available to in Australia.



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